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BPR&D Jaipur

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General Guideline / Instruction For E-Learning Course

The e-learning online courses at Central Detective Training Institute (BPR&D) are designed for police officers of the rank from SI to Addl. SP to enhance their professional skills on the subject. The general guideline and instructions for e-learning course are as under:

1) Basic requirement for participants of e-course:

  • Personal computer with Web Cam/Laptop/ Smart Phone/ Tablet
  • Uninterrupted robust internet connection
  • Minimum 5GB data with 4G and above speed will be required for one day session.
  • Basic knowledge of handling of Computer, Smart phone, Laptop & Tablet etc and use of video conferencing on these devices.

2) Expectations from participants in e-learning course:

  • Each participants should provide his/ her NIC E-mail Ids or current email IDs, mobile number preferably with Whatsapp number while sending the nominations.
  • The first session will be conducted to familiarize with the basic knowledge related to the video conferencing for the E-class.
  • The participants make sure to keep Mic. off (mute) when attending the session to minimize the noise in the session.
  • The participant should always sit facing the source of light, and not against the light, so that she/he is clearly visible to the faculty.
  • Wired headphones with an attached microphone should be preferred to enhance the audio quality.
  • While speaking, speak slowly, distinctly and pronouncing each word with care, to ensure clarity.
  • Participants are advised to ask their queries at the end of the session but they may interrupt in between by sending the notification/ Chat or raise hand if it’s necessary.
  • Participants are advised to ask their queries by sending message by chat option of Cisco Webex meeting to everyone to avoid the repetition of the same queries.
  • Make sure to follow all the etiquettes which are followed in a normal class session, meeting or discussion.
  • Make sure to be ready for the session well in time.
  • The session will start as per the schedule time.

 3) How to join e-course/ session?

  • Install the Cisco Webex Meeting App, which can be installed from the Google Play Store for android users and ITunes for the IOS users.
  • Participants will be sent an email with session information such as date, time and name of the faculty. If the meeting has a required password, it will be included in this email.
  • Click the shared link for joining.
  • On the right hand side of the screen, participants will see an area to log in. Type his name and email address and press “Join”.

4) The participant should ensure that no one else apart from him overhears the proceedings/ training sessions.

5) All the trainees/ participants must ensure that deliberations during training sessions are confidential. These are meant strictly for his/her learning and cannot be shared on any social media platform with any unauthorized person.

6) At the end of the each session an online feed back form relating to the faculty will be submitted by the all participants for their assessment and at the end of the course an online feed-back pertaining to course will also be submitted by the participants for over all assessment of the e-learning course.

7) Level of the participants shall be assessed at the beginning of the course through online test. Similarly, a post course online test will be conducted to assess the knowledge / understanding gained on the subject of the course. Completion course certificate shall be issued to the participants securing 60% and above marks in the test held at the end of the course.

8) After accepting the nominations by CDTI Jaipur, the participants shall be asked to register his / her name for the course on the URL link sent to them wherein the schedule of the e-classes shall be displayed on their Laptop, PC with web cam and mobile phone. It is advisable that the nominated officers use official email address for the course.

9) It is expedient to mention that limited mobile data connection shall not suffice for the participants. It is requested that participants must be provided uninterrupted robust internet connection to attend the e-learning course.


The following officers may be contacted regarding any further queries-

1. Sh. Prabhu Singh, Dy. SP (Adm.) – 8112216377

2. Sh. Shyam Sunder, Inspector 8085645500

3. Sh. Shankar Lal, Inspector 9660172497

4. Sh. Prabhu Ram, Hostel Warden 8302978332/01412232872

5. Sh. Kamal Singh Meena, UDC 9911945202/8209356023

6. Email director.cdti-rj@gov.in /cdts.bprdjaipur@gmail.com

7. Landline 0141-2823100